Conferences and training actions for companies

How would a company change if it had access to practical, easily understood training actions and the appropriate management tools?

You don’t have to imagine it, as these training actions exist. Additionally, our conferences and training actions help self-employed professionals and people who manage micro-companies to move from an individual vision to a business-oriented vision, in order to better organise and manage the growth of their business.

If you are an entity, professional association or education centre and are thinking of including a lecture in your event or in providing a training action for your associates, we would love to collaborate with you.

Discover some of our lectures and conferences:

Enterprising entails: Creation, Growth, Consolidation

10 key factors for success in growing your business

10 most common mistakes in the financial monitoring of a business

Thoughts of an entrepreneurial mother

What are the benefits?

Specially chosen tools adapted to self-employed professionals and micro-companies
Real and sector-related examples. Your audience will feel identified with them
Simple language, without technicalities
Tailored. Customisable
Helping to foster a feeling of belonging to the entity
Promoting networking and networks

Entities that have already trusted our proposal

Are you an entity dedicated to entrepreneurship and are wanting to expand your technicians’ training in business growth and consolidation?

Check-out out specialised training programmes.

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