With PRISMAWAY ™ we can help to clarify, plan and organise your ideas to development and implement them in your business.

PRISMAWAY™ is an innovative, fast and effective methodology for working on the growth business strategies of self-employed people and micro-companies.

It is the outcome of 10 years’ experience, practice and research into the best business management processes and tools and adapting them to the scope of self-employed professionals and micro-companies
Enabling you to speed up the growth planning process and the implementation of actions
Helping to clarify and organise your ideas, regardless of their nature
Simplifying the reflection and analysis process throughout your entire business
Helping your company to grow with greater guarantees of success

This innovative model is called Prisma because it is a figure made up by identical polygons measured by several parallelograms which allow to study each part.

The combination forms one body, but we can study each of its parts, which is exactly what we do with your business. This allows to increase the effectiveness of the analysis and the implementation of actions.

Don’t compromise the feasibility of your business. With PRISMAWAY® you’ll improve its management and the achievement of your goals

Our methodology is innovative due to its approach. It uses tools known globally as DAFO, Canvas or economic/financial plans in a creative and unique manner to place the person and the market in the centre.

PRISMAWAY™ is a methodology that allows you to advance from the very beginning, even if you lack management knowledge. It provides us with a vision of the whole and of the various parts.

PRISMAWAY™ has been developed focusing on people who want to grow their business, with ideas and a desire to make changes. This methodology will provide you with the tools needed for fostering your critical thinking and will help you to put in order, assess and prioritise tasks to move towards a more effective and efficient management of your business.

PRISMAWAY™ will enable you to focus on your business and improve your management to achieve your objectives, in an orderly manner

PRISMAWAY™ has been designed for today’s companies that want to lead the future. Any entrepreneur or company can now use business planning tools to manage the growth of their business, regardless of its present situation.

PRISMAWAY™ is for you if you have a micro-company that is growing and

  • You feel overwhelmed
  • If the individual parts stop you from seeing the bigger picture
  • You are suffering when you should be enjoying it
  • You feel you have peaked

One day you had a dream and you turn it into a real company.

Now with PRISMAWA® we can help you plan, manage and implement the most effective actions so your dream continues to grow and improve the world.

You’re just a click away from achieving this.


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