Experts with over 10 years’ experience in managing growth and consolidation of self-employed professionals and micro-companies. We’ll accompany you in managing your company’s growth, so you can both reach your goals.

Why us?

We specialise in small sized companies and self-employed professionals
We work alongside you on the project
We have developed an innovative methodology Prismaway® that will help you every step of the way
We speak your language, without technicalities

accompanying SMEs


consulting for entrepreneurs and small companies


I am curious by nature. My parents tell me that as a child, I wanted to know everything.

I studied a BA and a Master’s in Business Administration and Management by ESADE. I really enjoyed helping companies. But I felt there was something missing. The methodologies I learnt were aimed at large corporations and they were hard to implement in small companies.

I decided to adapt them to the sphere of professional entrepreneurs and micro-companies. I felt the need to help those companies in achieving greater guarantees of success, more peace of mind and, above all, helping the people who ran those companies to enjoy what they were doing. I have spent over 25 years dedicated to the management and study of SMEs and, of these, more than 10 years dedicated to providing consultancy services for self-employed workers and micro-companies. I spent many hours trying to obtain a suitable method for managing growth within micro-companies, this is the PRISMAWAY™ method.

I now work exclusively on consulting in the field of growth management for self-employed professionals and micro-companies. All of their success stories represent a success for me and even more so, a success for the world.


consultoria personalizada


Put your business in order and improve your quality of life from this very minute.



Are you an enterprising person who needs to draw-up the economic/financial plan for your project?



Organise your ideas and take action. Take control of your business.



How would a company change if it had access to practical, easily understood training actions and the appropriate management tools?


Discover whether your business is ready to grow in just 10 steps

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